Sexy History?

Giselle's thoughts

As a writer of Historic Romance, specifically Regency Romances I have been asked, “Why do I write stories set in a small period of only nine years?”  My answer has always been that right or wrong we perceive the Regency period to be romantic and sexy.  Regency Romances are mental escapes to a less fast paced life when ladies were ladies and men were gentlemen, dashing wicked rakes and unprincipled noblemen!

I have thought about writing romance stories in other periods and am going to look at each to consider their feasibility.  I welcome comments about any periods of history you’d like to have romances set in. I will sift through history examining what factors make me see them as unromantic.  Although I am all for historic realism, most historical romances require at least one of the lovers to have some expectations of a life that was not total drudgery. …

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