The Zeninan Saga by Giselle Marks

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giselle profile picI currently have two published regency Romances published, “The Fencing Master’s Daughter” and its follow up “The Marquis’s Mistake” Perhaps you have read one of my articles either as a guest author on a friend’s blog or on my own Word-press site. You may even know me from Facebook, Twitter or Linked-in. If you have come across my name then the work I’ve been putting into promoting myself as a novelist and writer is paying off and thank you for reading this. If my name is completely new to you, may I say how wonderful it is that you are being introduced to me?

TFMDIf you know me as a Regency Romance writer, you might be surprised to discover I started writing fiction with a Sci-fi / Fantasy Series now called “The Zeninan Saga,” the Regencies are more recent works. This series is finally going to be published by Nevermore…

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