Passion's Pleasure

I’m on a roll! First there was Immeasurable, then Inseparable, the Indescribable and now Irrefutable … can anyone see a pattern here?  Please enjoy my latest poem in this series! I’ve coined the phrase “Superlative Poetry” to describe the feelings each poem gives!


My love for you is irrefutable.
Even though it is indescribable by societal standards
And is incapable of fitting into their neat boxes,
It works for us, fits perfectly aligned to our choices.
Our love is deeper than the traditional,
The philosophical make-up is metaphysical,
The theorem of our love’s proof is incalculable
by those who refuse to have open minds,
Whose mindset blinds them to the truth of new experiences.
We buck tradition; done keeping up appearances to fit in with their standards.
We no longer pander to them…

It’s true…
my love for you is irrefutable.

It’s like a law that no…

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