One of the worse things you can say to a writer…


writing competition… is that you can write about anything you like, for as long as you like and it doesn’t matter when you finish. If you haven’t got a hungry publisher demanding the next chapter of your bestseller, competitions are the best way I know of creating your own deadlines.
If you don’t win you still have a story or a poem. You will have written and that’s what writers have to do. The Welsh poet and novelist Catherine Fisher says that her children’s novel Belin’s Hill has its roots in a writing competition run by the Welsh Arts Council many years ago.
“The book was finished and I was proud of it. It came nowhere.”
It was another 15 years before it was published. In the meantime she learned her craft as a writer, published other books, won other prizes and came back to the manuscript of Belin’s Hill understanding…

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