Bring Back Our Girls Written by: Melvina Germain

The Words of Daniel Kemp

Thunder cracked their silence of sleep.
Wretched men, horrid thieves emerged.
Kidnapping our most precious jewels,
Many boisterous slaves of Satan rules.

Evil blasted through the walls of peace,
and that cadence so held within the air
soon faded to ruptured horror feared.
Shock filled, terror building screams.
Our innocent ripped from peaceful dreams.

To the hands of filth and angry men,
we weep buckets of tears wanting to see
our girls again. Mothers, Fathers, pain so
stricken, “Bring Back Our Girls” to the land
of the living.

We pray our girls are held without pain,
and empty threats in our media heard.
When silence befalls such lips of horror,
despicable images in minds emerge.

O the world seems silent, in shock we sit.
Every man and woman knows not what to do.
We can only pray that those in power, will
forcefully come after the likes of you.


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