Reviews of The Desolate Garden.

Daniel Kemp

5.0 out of 5 stars The Desolate Garden by Danny Kemp Includes Surprisingly Touching Love Interests
By michael
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
The great thing about being a ‘Brit’ writer is growing up in the class conscious environment that is Great Britain and having access to worlds peopled by characters representing their social class. Danny Kemp’s, The Desolate Garden, succeeds on many counts.
First and foremost, the stream-of-consciousness kind of inner monologue of the protagonist, Harry Paterson, peels away onion skin layers of character development for the reader in the style of the great John Le Carre. The book presents a long historical past populated by a cast including Maudlin, the Brit-to-the-bone patriarch in the early part of the century, striving to keep capitalism and Great Britain safe.
As the owner of a private bank, the end of World War Two and the arrival of a peculiar brand of socialism…

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