New Zealand Cannot Exist

Grouse Beater

Auckland - New Zealand Auckland – New Zealand

New Zealand is a small country with a huge coastline. It has a population of 4.5 million.  It has a topography similar to Scotland, lots of mountains and glens. It rains a lot. Some places are named after Scottish towns, such as Dunedin after Edinburgh.

It was once ruled by Westminster.

It has a small army but no fighter jets and no submarines. It has no aircraft carriers. Nuclear weapons are banned from its land and nuclear carrying vessels banned from its waters. It has yet to be invaded, unless you categorise Maoris as non-indigenous.

Unlike Scotland with its near neighbours in Europe and the Nordic countries, its markets are 12,000 kilometres away over vast oceans. Yet the cost of living is not high, medical care free or private, pensions paid on time. It supports a welfare state.

New Zealand does not have oil or gas in…

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