CHAMELEON, by Susan E Birch.

The words of Danny Kemp.

Chameleon pic

Did you really know her?

Sure I did, but not the public star that shone

I knew her from day one.

Desperate for her place in the sun.

I watched her assess the field,

Judging who’d run and who would yield.

Saw her recreate herself, saw her connect.

An alien creature.

Each feature crafted for maximum effect.

Watched her mesmerise, tantalise,

Deflect the truth

Reflect the lies.

She did ‘vulnerable’ to perfection

With those big soulful, hurting eyes.

The guys fell like flies.

But they had to be the ‘right’ guys,

The ones she could step up on.

You want to know the craziest thing?  The real buzz?

She could have had it all…and more,

Just as she was.

© Susan E Birch – 2014

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