Home For Colored Children (Fact) By Melvina Germain.

The words of Danny Kemp.


You took children’s self esteem and laid darkness

over silent dreams. Some you called names

and jeered them to the ground. Others you

raped and laughed in the name of torturous fun.

That was no home, no place of learning, nah

a place of chains and gruesome heart burning.

Nobody cared, one might think God was blind.

Where was the help, a little sister raped

and a young lad beaten to death.

O eyes turned and silence begat tongues. A

big man with a mean heart, held a young girl

hostage while pocketing the green selling

her soul. A pig of disgust but everybody gave

this human beast their trust.

Lord, I weep to think of the pain. I cringe

knowing what those little girls and boys

sustained. Beatings on a regular basis.

Relentless daggers hurled and bellies screamed

in hunger.

Yes the rapes were many, but fear kept secrets

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