I forgive you by GIselle Marks

Giselle's thoughts

500 word story first sentence compulsory.

Special challenge accepted. 474 words

It whispered, “I forgive you,” as its hand slipped out of mine.


The collectors dragged it away leaving me feeling confused and vaguely guilty. Why should I feel guilty when I was only obeying the anti-moalf laws like a good citizen should in reporting it? I rationalised the guilt because it had looked and sounded so much like a child. I knew it wasn’t a child but a moalf, not that anyone really had explained what they were.

They had started turning up about eleven years ago, but no one knew where from. The first ones looked hideous and they would survive in groups in the wild places eating the wild life and sometimes taking the pets or animals from neighbouring farms. The first theories were that they were some kind of Bigfoot, even though no proof for the…

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