Author Interview – Tanya R. Simon

Pukah Works

I met Tanya a while back, and we’ve become good friends.  She’s a witty, vivacious lady who happens to have some darkness in her past.  She does not let that get her down, but instead uses it to help others.  Now that I’ve finally started offering interviews, I’ve managed to coax her out of her chosen shadows so that you can all get to know her, and discover what a wonderful person she is as well.

Tanya, I know you like to keep some secrets, but do you have anywhere you admit to haling from?

  •  I like my anonymity so I put Alexandria, VA on my Facebook page and while I did live there for quite some time. I was born and raised in New Mexico.

What can you tell us about your yourself and your history?

  • My current family life is the most blissful I have known. I live…

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