#PonyTailGate: It’s not about being “PC” – it’s about manners and respect


When I see adults; grown up, supposedly well functioning members of society defending a bullying action on social media I get mildly concerned. I sure as hell hope these ‘adults’ are not parents. I’m not a parent myself either, but in the event that I was, and I received a phone call from my child’s principal saying that my child had bullied a young girl by pulling at her hair, I think I’d actually be bloody annoyed.

But of course, children at a certain age are excused. They are young and do not yet have a grasp on the concept of manners and respect because their brains are so underdeveloped they fail to notice that other human beings have feelings in the same way that they do. You may hope our 53 year-old head of government had realised this by now.

I highly doubt when a parent hears their child…

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