Santa Clara University Students Response to Homelessness in Silicon Valley

See Hear Speak No Evil

IMG_9532In September 2013 I started a St. Vincent de Paul Young Adult group in Santa Clara University. I did this because of a few reasons. I’d come to America to pursue a degree in Pastoral Ministries (major in Spirituality), and I reached out to different organizations to do some volunteering, similar to ‘Vinnies’ in Australia, but, there were literally no people my age volunteering, even young adult Catholics. This puzzled me as Australia has a booming population of young adult Vincentians. However, it seemed that the focus for giving (well, at least in the Silicon Valley area) was on mission trips to Peru or Mexico, rather than looking at the poverty that needs assistance right at our doorstep. St. Vincent de Paul, being an international lay Catholic non-profit organization have a group in Santa Clara. I went and visited this group and they were excited that I ‘a young person’…

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