The 5 stages of losing interest in a book that you are reading #amreading #Writer



1. Awareness – You are busy reading when you become aware of a little voice in your mind telling you that the book you are reading is not ‘doing thingsfor you’.

Something is wrong.Your mind is not full of shooting stars and you are certainly not trembling with literary excitement.

You are going through the reading motions but in your head you are wondering whether you should put a washing machine cycle on or what recipe to use with that chicken in the fridge.

You flick back to the front coverand then to the book blurb on the back, toreassure yourself about the reading choice you made in the bookshop or on Amazon.Yes the cover still looks artistic / classy and the book blurb still makes your heart race.

Must be a good book. Maybe its you?

2. Denial – You start to question your state of mind…

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