Does Your Website Help/Destroy Your Credibility as an Author? Guest Post


Does Your Website Help/Destroy your Credibility as an Author?

10 Tips to capture your viewers and look professional

By K.J. Hawkins, author of A Father’s Protection


The number one must have for all authors is a website. The website doesn’t have to be spectacular, or even hosted. You can create a free site through,, and many others. The key to every website is functionality.

Websites are used for a purpose. The first, and most important, is creating a platform for yourself. Think of your website as your home base. You need to be able to not only sell your books, but reflect yourself in the process. Remember, readers don’t buy books because your cover is pretty, they buy it because of you. They invest in the author and hope the book reflects them. Which is why you need to ask yourself this one question when creating your website:…

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