Some of the funnies on Facebook this week – Coffee, self-preservation and asparagus

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

As usual the more observant amongst us have found some gems to share on Facebook this week and there are definitely some front runners who are obviously in the know about the best sites..  Nicholas Rossis seems to have the lead at the moment on entries into this weekly look at humour on FB.  Which ones get your vote?

nicholas rossis Because I can thats why

Nicholas with I’m Not Right In the Head.

nicholas rossis im not right in the head

 Love, Lust and Life shared by.Viv Drewa

Viv Drewa with love, lust and life.

Debby Gies with

debby gies with Purple Clover

 Jan Moore with Jeff Foxworthy

Jan Moore with Jeff Foxworthy

More of Jan Moore

Jan Moore

Bill Wolak with Colour Vibe

Bill Wolak with Color Vibe

If you find a funny image on Facebook and would like to share just send me the person who shared it and if possible the originator of the image so that I can link to one and mention the other.. Enjoy.

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