Facing hard reality, but not giving in to pessimism

International Socialists

070115_Berne_Madison-1262 No one predicted the swelling support for Bernie Sanders, seen here addressing a mass rally in Madison

by Martin Gregory

In January this website published a talk I had given at the ISO annual conference in November 2015. The subject was an assessment of the current political situation in Aotearoa. It was a dour, sober account of unchanged weakness of the unions, Labour and the left and the corresponding strength of the Key government and its gradual programme of neo-liberal advance, underpinned by modest economic growth.

A recognition of unpalatable reality is not the same as pessimism. You often hear ordinary people express the idea that Aotearoa is conservative and rightwing dominance permanent. People extrapolate the existing situation into the future, unable to see things differently. Marxism, however, is a philosophy that explains development through the outcome of conflict between forces. Neither human society nor the natural world is static…

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